Spark the alchemy. Ensure it lasts.

Go back to “Why are we together?” and explore “How we want to be together” to envision your high dream as a team.

Use imagination, heart, relationships and everyone’s leadership in your group to experiment what new options can mean to you.

Put your goals at the center. Get clarity on actions.

Form circles that support them… and take off as a team to your new destination.

Vision and Purpose

Starting or in need of a reboot?

We help you design and run your journey to reconnect to the organisation’s purpose and bringing down the vision tapping into the wealth of the collective intelligence and senses.

From Strategy to Execution

What are the best objectives if they do not get achieved?

How can the whole organisation embrace them and thrive as a regatta of speed boats instead of a massive cruise liner clumsy to steer? We step on board next to you to sail that journey.

Conflict? Let’s build on it!

Turning conflict into healthy conversations that help making all voices contributing to the organisation. That’s what your teams can achieve with just a bit of our touch to start with.

Getting things done… as a team!

  • Make the best of all skills in your teams and let them bloom…
  • …in an effective and efficient way.

We propose many ways to

  • generate faster team work
  • tap on people’s creativity
  • generate sense of ownership and dedication.
  • facilitate ideation workshops, priorisation, governance agreements, decision making, go to action…

We morph and adapt to your own context

The complexity and richness of organisations, groups, teams and human systems relationships draw us to a flexible and adaptive approach. We ally colleagues and practices that are best adapted to the objectives, situation and people benefiting from our contribution. Contact us and let’s discuss your situation!

Informal groups and citizens

Organisations are not the only human systems who may benefit from coaching and facilitation. We gladly support citizens in their initiatives or in resolving community issues and challenges. We rely on very open ways of providing a voice to everyone in amicable and structured way.