We create a space that enables growth and moving forward.

Together with you we open up possibilities, create clarity and decisiveness.

As coaches we lend you our curiosity and resilience as a platform to your work.

As facilitators we borrow your objectives to make them ours. We shape ways enabling you and the teams you’re in to choose the path that leads you best at your destination.

Xavier Angenot

I have a strong background in systemic & organisations coaching and collective intelligence facilitation. I have the sense of teams and human systems rooted to my core.

With 20+ years in management consulting, I have experienced what supporting others’ goals can mean.

On Spaceship Earth is not all about me.

It is first about you, your goals and the dreams you want to achieve.

It is also about a network of passionate coaches and systemic facilitators that generate the collective intelligence to serve you and your teams.

I believe that anyone and any group can reach ever growing potential.

By connecting dots between disciplines, multiplying pluri-disciplinary work with colleagues from very different backgrounds I hope to generate a richer experience to you and your team.

I am trained in the ORSC series (Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching, CRR Global) as well as in individual coaching (International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach, ICF ACC). I have experienced the Collective Intelligence journey (GYB) and Holacracy Practitioner to structure collective decision making. I work with other coaches on a wide variety of human systems challenges with the help of tools such as Clean Language, Groups Disfunctions, Toxins and Antidotes, Constellation, Sensing and Theory U, Deep Democracy, Open forums and the Way of Council.

Next to pure coaching and facilitation skills, I tap on my experience and skills built with classic organisations governance as well as Lean/Agile ways. This supports me helping navigating your change journey. I am a certified scrum master, product owner (SAFe), Scrum@Scale practitioner, DevOps practitioner as well as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Having a master degree in Economics on the one hand and a master degree in Sociology on the other, I continue to train myself to offer you new insights on your practice: I provide leadership and organisational development trainings with a selection of industry practitioners.

I chair and support pro-bono FieldGood asbl/vzw (non-for-profit) with my facilitation skills.

There are no passengers on spaceship earth.

We are all crew.

Marshall McLuhan

On Spaceship Earth is established in Belgium under EU VAT BE0734 612 771