Generative conversations.

Would you like

  • a deep and different conversation?
  • to move forward on important topics?
  • to shift your mindset and become clear, determined and committed to action?
  • to generate a sense of purpose and drive that makes a real difference?

Let’s explore this together.

We offer ways for you to drive your own decisions and actions. With us, you explore what a situation means to you. You discover that working towards your objectives is very much about knowing what they say about you and how you can tap into your multiples skills.

We are not helping you.

We offer the space and time needed for you to help yourself.

Stepping stones on your reflection.

Your Journey

We propose to start with 6 sessions elapsed over 3 months and revisit our coaching agreement as you move forward to help you consider the best foreseeable coaching journey length.

Intake Call

Start by contacting us for a free 30 min intake call to express your needs and understand how we can best proceed.

Relationship Agreement

Our first session will be a bit longer as we will establish our relationship agreement that will support your journey and help us tune in your needs.

Coaching work is very much on your side and any magic potentially sparked in sessions takes effect with your action in between sessions. You are in the driving seat and own your results. We can have more frequent sessions as needed.